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Is there any specific routine the Ramadan observers should follow? Fasting is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our digestive system and help adjust our blood sugar and triglyceride levels. Even post-Ramadan, it is important to keep eating healthy, nutritious, balanced meals and take care of our bodies. My advice in returning to regular eating would be to try and adopt ‘clean eating’ as a gentle transition to normal life. Evidence suggests that fasting can have positive effects on your health, including strengthening the digestive system, decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol, and more importantly improving heart health. Ramadan is seen as an opportunity to stop unhealthy eating habits that negatively affect our health and increase our well-being by introducing a clean eating routine. As per the old saying that states ‘early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’, we should always try to institute this in our lives to have a good sleeping pattern. l What exercise routine do you recommend that people should follow to remain in shape post-Ramadan? What are some tips for people to keep a realistic healthy exercise routine on a regular basis? Ramadan not only changes our diet, but also our metabolism: our body starts to acclimatise to the new fasting-bingeing regime, and the results might be deceiving, diverting us from the healthy body result we hope for. Returning to a normal routine after Ramadan seems simple, however, for many it might be challenging to get back in shape. The transition can be assisted with a regular light exercise. I would recommend a workout for about 30-45 minutes each morning including exercises such as a brisk walk, a light jog or even strength training. For those who are not accustomed to working out, it is better to engage in lighter physical activities — such as walking and stretching. My advice would be to switch up the routine from the norm, not to feel disheartened about a noticeable decrease in physical performance and, more importantly, to make the workouts as fun and varied as possible. l While reduced working hours and activities make it easier for families to reconnect during useful site Ramadan, how can families make sure this balance is maintained throughout the year? Ramadan is the most awaited month of the year for observing families. It is a month where the working hours are reduced, and more time can be spent with the family during Iftar and Suhoor. Together with their parents, children are actively involved in the preparation of meals and in Ramadan prayers. Post-Ramadan, parents can make sure to have quality time with their children by continuing to enjoy meals together, set spiritual goals, learn together as a family, and constantly engage with children to strengthen family relationships.